Child, Individual and Family Counseling

Help and Support for Times of Transition

Sometimes everyone can use a little help.

Life is difficult. 

It is unpredictable.  We expect that it's going to turn out one way, and then everything gets turned around.  Sometimes all of us find ourselves in situations where we could use some help in getting back on track.  Dave Brewer specializes in helping individuals and families get through tough times. 

Families today come in all shapes and sizes.  And although no family shape or size is bad in itself, dealing with changes or conflicting needs can be hard.  Adults and kids in today's families face the challenges that past generations never had to deal with.  We face divorce and stepfamily issues, kids who can't seem to get along with parents, brothers and sisters or other kids.  Single parent families, gay and lesbian family members, grandparents raising grandchildren.  Some kids just struggle to succeed, either at home or at school, despite tremendous efforts on everyone's part.

Dave works with individuals or families to help them create attainable goals and plans to reach these goals successfully.  He focuses on strengths and solutions. 

Most people find that the hardest part of the process is taking the first step and calling for help.  Isn't it time you took the first step toward a positive future?  Not sure how to even start the conversation?  You're not alone. 

Take a deep breath.  Dial the number or send an email.   We'll pick it up from there.